Saturday 22nd July – Zell am See to St Johann

Forgot to add in yesterday that on our return to Zell am See we leapt on our bikes and blasted around the lake which is quite small at only 11km. It is very pretty and like a lot of these lakes deep and clear and of course cool. Fras once again, braved the elements and popped in for some cooling off.

Today we will cycle towards Salzburg for 42k and stop for the night at St Johann. We don’t know anything about our stop for tonight and chose it because 42k of biking in one day is enough. After all, we are not trying to turn this into a marathon trip but one for enjoying all the small villages and scenery along the way.

We headed out at 9.00am and have a rendezvous in Lend which is 25k away. The ride out through the valley floor was very picturesque, wending our way through back lanes and farmers sheds. We think the rural smell which has been with us for quite some time now has permeated all our clothing and hair. It has got to the stage where we are not even commenting on it anymore except when the tractors pulling the liquid cow trailers go by, which makes the hairs in our nostrils trip over one another trying to retreat as quick as possible backwards!!!!

The valley narrowed considerably as we cycled with only the 🚂 and 🚗 roads plus the rivers on the floor. Our aim was to be in Lend by 11.38am as Di is going to catch a train to avoid a rather nasty patch of hill climbing. It was 25k to Lend but by catching the train she is saving herself 10k plus unnecessary aggravation to her knee which is behaving itself relatively well at present.

So our day finished about 2.00pm which was earlier than expected as the waterfall we wanted to visited about 5k before St Johann had been closed due to a rock fall. We therefore headed into town to find out hotel. Of course it was up a bl$&%#*y hill which is just what you do not need at the end of a long day.

Our hotel is perfectly satisfactory with a great swimming pool to cool off in and to also loosen up the tight muscles. The weather has been kind to us once again today but there is a very negative change on the way!!!


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