Thursday 20th July – Krimml to Zell am See

Change in strategy today. Weather forecast was for rain starting about 10.00am so Di decided that she would catch the train from Krimml all the way to Zell am See which is approximately 70k’s. She also wanted to give her knee a rest for another 24 hours. Fras meantime opted to bike the distance.

We still needed to bike 3.5k from the hotel down to the Krimml hauptbahnhof which was really cruisie though on gravel. So once there we split up with Di catching the really cute narrow gauge 🚂 which took 1.5 hours.

Fras meantime headed off down the valley. The ride would take him about five hours.

A few photos of the area of the Salzach valley he rode down today.

Some of the signage seems rather too obvious and unnecessary!

Zell am See was the destination for the day and is a very popular spot for tourists and let’s just say it wasn’t short of a few when we arrived.
So as you can see from the photos, no rain eventuated on Fraser’s cycle.

It was still really warm on his arrival at 2.00pm so after catching up with Di at the hotel we waddled off down the road for him to have a swim in the lake.

Contemplating his navel before the big plunge.

Someone had to stay on dry land to take the photo! Di’s hand shot up like a rocket!

We really have lucked out on our accommodation so far on this trip. Great locations and in this case a three minute walk to the lake. They also let Di in at midday to the room but we think that is because she was hobbling – she added some further pronouncement to the limp to get the sympathy room!!! The rooms so far have all been very clean and comfortable with well equipped bathrooms, good breakfasts and very friendly staff which we did not think Austrians are that well known for.

So the rain did not arrived until 6.00pm and by then the day had got a lot hotter and the heavens just opened up – thank goodness, as it cooled things down a lot.

Exciting day tomorrow as we have a full day planned going up to see the tallest mountain in Austria, the GrossGlockner. Further instalment tomorrow evening.




4 thoughts on “Thursday 20th July – Krimml to Zell am See

  1. Hi Guys! As Peter and I prepare for our trip and try to sort out the logistics of time, space, distance and the fourth dimension – money – we find ourselves in awe of what you are doing. Now Di, about that knee, I recommend 2 glasses of wine to wash down a serve of painkillers followed by anti-inflammatories – the perfect cocktail for a pain-free night’s sleep. Then you’ll be right as rain to hit the road again.


  2. Hello, so where are you guys off to??? There is a heap of organizing that goes into these kind of holidays that we are taking, and our fourth dimension is 🚴🏼 on European trains? Can’t begin to tell you how many spreadsheets we have set up to track everything. Our big concern with the girls though has been well allayed as Joannie and Simone are working out so well. We hope in the future that they might be prepared to help us out again but not sure if they would want to come to Calgary for another stint. The knee thing is really weird as the last few days it has been great but as soon as I go downstairs it rares its ugly head. Planning the next couple of days biking and worked out where I can get trains over steep sections of the bike path so as to reduce the strain on it. Off today to catch a bus up the tallest mountain in Austria. It is 3700m up with 36 hairpin bends and hopefully fantastic views if the weather co-operates. Love from the merry wanderers, Di and Fras


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