Monday and Tuesday, 10 & 11 July – Day 3 & 4, Brecon Beacons South Wales

We  awoke to smatterings of rain but luckily it cleared by the time we started filling up with water for the day. Our task was to head back the way we had come and to moor at roughly the same place as we had on the way up.

So we went through the six locks, tunnel, aqueduct and passed many boats coming up the other way. Most of the narrowboats are like us but some are 8’ 6” wide which makes for a problem on such a narrow and shallow canal when you pass.

You need to stick to the middle of the canal to avoid running aground which means lots of poling otherwise. So you can imagine what it is like when you meet one of these big Berthas coming to meet you.

Where we intended to moor for the night was already taken so we got to continue for another hour to find something even reasonable. Due to the shallowness along the edges you could imagine that you have great difficulty finding a spot to tie up that is not on a lean. Not much fun trying to sleep in a very narrow bed anyway without both being squashed up on top of one another!!! Makes for a hot and sweaty night for all the wrong reasons.


Well, they said it was going to be ☔️ and indeed it is!!!!. Weather forecast is for a wet day but hopefully only for today with the remaining weather being fine.
We pulled back into our rental marina for a quick pump out along with a top up of water and a hello from Ozzie the 🐶!!!
No photos today as it was pretty miserable. It was nice to pull into the bank after about three hours cruising in the rain and set up for an early evening.


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