Wednesday 24th May – Final Sea Day

It is all coming to an end now. Twenty six days in total of floating in a metal tub on the high seas that slowly turned into a festering plethora of virulent bugs. Of our group of six, three have come down with some degree or other of an URTI. – upper respiratory tract infection.
If we had our time again we would do some things a little differently but did it meet our expectations – yes. Did it exceed our expectations – no. Would we cruise again – Possibly. We would like to consider a transpacific route but on a much smaller ship. These monolith monsters do not give you a lot more facilities than the smaller boats but they certainly increase the amount of people of board which we found most uncomfortable. Will be interesting to see how long these big ships stay afloat. Fras has made a good reference between this ship and an A380 airbus. More bums on seats keep the price down.
So today was spent having our final sleep in, enjoying our comfortable bed and privacy and preparing for stage three of the stage twelve odyssey.
So our last cruising day consisted of Stockholm and back to Copenhagen via a southerly route. We passed under this most amazing bridge that connects the mainland of Denmark to the Danish island where the capital of Copenhagen is situated. Reckon you could do some amazing car trips around this area as it is all so interconnected.

Had a lovely sunset as we were sitting having a rather lavish meal at the steak house on board.
Pretty specky shot courtesy Sue’s photographic abilities.

Sue also had a photo package so we optimised on the sharing economy. The white napkins around our necks were just us being twits.

So a final picture of the NCL Getaway. All 145,000 tonnes of her.


Tomorrow is disembarkation day where we will be making our way from Copenhagen to Oslo via a flight which is about 70 minutes. Looking forward to getting out in the fresh air and being more self reliant. We will be turning back into hunters and gatherings again as no longer will we have the buffet to rely on – that is not a bad thing!!!!

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