Thursday 25th May – Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway

Travel day today. We left the comfort and the security of the boat this morning and the six of us caught a taxi to Copenhagen airport where we all went our different ways.
Very short flight of only one hour to Oslo in great weather with super views as we took off over Copenhagen harbour.
We were pretty surprised on our arrival in Oslo as to the size of the airport. There was an A380 parked up and many international flights arriving. We took the express train into the city and express it was indeed.
The countryside looks great in fresh full spring green colours.
Our hotel was right next to the train station which was handy as not much fun lugging baggage around no matter how light it is.


Perfectly satisfactory hotel. We had opted for the cheaper option when it came to the accommodation package with this trip and are more than happy with our decision.
The Norway trip going forward is self guided. We used a company called Nordic Visitor who organised all the accommodations and the trains, ferrys and buses that we will be using. Most places we are staying are a minimum of two nights. There is an overnight local ferry down the fjords and a couple of side trips that they also sorted tickets for us.
The temperature blew us away at 23c. We are heading up north via train to Trondheim tomorrow morning and the high there is 10c so better no get too cocky.
We dropped off our bags and wandered around the centre of the city trying to recollect our memories of our last visit here but found it impossible to recognize anything.
It is horrendously expensive here. We opted for a very light dinner at the Burger King and for one burger, one chicken wrap, two small fries and two drinks – $29CDN!!!! Bloody hell, at this rate we are going to lose all that fattening we did on the cruise ship – maybe that is not a bad thing.

We know that the Scandinavian countries are expensive and we budgeted for it but already we are seeing that we may have been a little light on with the numbers. The good thing is that all we need to really purchase is two meals a day as breakfast is included. As many of you other travellers know, a free breakfast also makes a free lunch – you just have to be a little creative!
Nothing much in the way of photos but they are in the process of building a magnificent opera house. La Boheme is on tonight but opted to give it a miss.

4 thoughts on “Thursday 25th May – Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway

  1. OMG – this last weekly blog is amazing. How do you have time to document sop elegantly? Thoroughly enjoyed you return parts of the former USSR. Looks like a perfectly satisfactory boat too! Fantastic pics / awesome for us boring stay-at-home types…. :p Cheers – Nick


    1. Hi Nick, yeah mate, doing it really tough and enjoying it though we miss the girls. Will probably FaceTime you when we get to Ali and Ads. Love Rowkin


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