Tuesday 23rd May – Stockholm, Sweden

Let’s make this posting short as some of the previous ones have been a little wordy. The pictures will tell the story. Of all the Scandinavian cities Stockholm is the most beautiful. The city consists of 14ish islands with multitude of connecting bridges and tunnels.
The whole coastal area is an archipelago with inlets, outlets and every other let you can imagine. Stockholm is actually on a lake which is controlled by locks to the open coastal waterways. It is stunning and a very liveable city.
We berthed at a port called Nynasham which was about 60k’s away from Stockholm itself. We caught a Hop on and Hop Off again, did the two hour tour around the city including a short hop on one of the boats between the islands. So many picture perfect opportunities so here is a collection of them.



Beautiful wide open boulevards with a lot of green space.

Our short water taxi trip. We were certainly blessed with the weather.

The guard in front of the Royal Palace. Either we are getting older or these kids are looking younger every day. He hardly looks like he should be out of nappies.

We wandered around the old city for a little while but like a lot of these areas now days, they are filled with junky souvenir shops. This is the central square of the old town. The buildings are in fantastic condition. Sweden was neutral during the Second World War so it wasn’t bombed which explains a lot of the buildings being in such mint condition plus a lot of them.


We just happened to wander past the opera house and popped our heads in and this is what met us. If you were only every going to see one opera in your life, what an amazing experience to be lucky enough to go to this one – and then this was only the foyer.


There have been some organizational challenges with this particular cruise line when it came to ports of call. Today it resulted in what Australians would term as a cluster f#*^k when trying to get the bus back to the cruise ship. They certainly need to review their current procedures as once again there is going to be a boat full of unhappy people. Makes us look even more forward to being out on our own touring around.
We have a sea day tomorrow so there will be no posting. The day after that it is back to Copenhagen where we say adieu to Patti and Pete and Sue and Steve. Patti and Pete head to England for a few days to catch up with family before heading back to Canada whilst Steve and Sue will spend a month at their holiday batch in England and then head home to Canada for the remainder of the summer.
We meantime will fly to Oslo to commence phase 3 of the 12 phase journey. Probably no further postings until we get to Oslo.
Here is final shot of our bed mates.

Percy the penguin and Frederick the frog.

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