Stourport back to Kinver

31st August 2016

Our aim was to go back to Kiddiminster so that we could do the Severn Valley Railway steam train. We had a bit of a time line to follow as there are not that many departures each day on the rail line so up early enough to see the mist and sun on the canal. It was very tranquil and only took us just over an hour.

To get to the railway station for a walk of about 1 kilometer. The old railway station was beautifully preserved as was the steam train. It wasn’t one of the “66” series but those of you in the know, know that the “66” is diesel…ha, ha, ha!!


Dogs were allowed but a fee was required. Can’t say we have ever seen a train ticket for a dog before. Maples and Toque must have felt most privileged.


The ride up the Sever Valley took about 1.5 hours through gorgeous countryside and small towns. Also noted a lot of horse country. We were making our way up the valley to the town of Bridgnorth.


We walked down to the Lower town where in the old days all the poorer folk use to live and then made our way via a very unique cable car to the Upper town of Bridgnorth.


Looks like a bus that has lost it’s wheels. This is the original cable car that was built in 1892. Let’s hope the wire ropes were not the originals.

The view from the top was magical. Below is the Severn River which runs through Bridgworth. We followed this river most of the way from Kidderminster. Unlike the canals it is crystal clear and the day warm enough that kids were swimming in it.


Another view of the main street of Lower town with the great stone bridge and of course the perpetual traffic!!


We wandered around the Upper town for a while which was interesting with all it’s boutique shops and per usual the High Street butcher. Each region of England has it’s own, what we would call peculiar dietary specials. This region is known for Faggot and Peas. It doesn’t look that particularly appetising. What we can make out is that Faggot is offal – ewwww!!! Also black pudding is another delicacy – once again a bigger EWWWW!!! The Faggot in the picture is one of the oval dishes for £2.49. We would rather pay 10 times that not to have to eat it.


Catching the train back we managed to get into one of the older rail cars. The layout was with the side corridor and individual compartments.


After a warm day of walking in the sun we had a couple of tired little pooches.


For those of you who know the relationship between Mapes and Toques, you will be very surprised that they are sharing the same railway cabin let alone the same seat. In fact, over the last three months they have become extremely close. They will even share the same mat now. Having said that, we still have a bit of the old argy bargy from Maples.

On the way back we couldn’t help but be a couple of kids and hang our heads out the window to capture that feel of wind in the hair and oh yes, the soot in the eye!!!


On our way back to the boat we did one of the obligatory trips to Tesco to top up the fridge and after a bit of a frustrating “google got us lost episode” we found a dog groomer who could give the girls a quick pedicure.

Our big plan tonight was to get back within TV range to be able to watch the latest series of Great Canal Journeys’ with Timothy West and Prunella Scales (a.k.a Fawlty Towers fame). Many of you will not have a clue what we are talking about here but for some you will know where we are coming from. This particular programme was on the Leeds and Liverpool canal which of course we were deadly keen to see. Alas though, we pulled up at three different locations and were not able to get a TV signal. Oh well, we will just have to get the series off our good friend Wolfgang.


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