Kinver to Stourport

30th August 2016

Misty morning, Reflections and visit to the seaside (?)

Awoke early this morning (amazing but true) to a wonderful scene out the front of our bow of mist rising off the water ahead of us.


Decided we would get going early as it was such a magical day. We were treated to some idyllic canal scenery and with the weather co-operating, the water was like glass and we got some amazing reflections as the pictures below show.




On to Kidderminster, famous for carpet making and a rather nice church nestled by the canal.


Then on to Stourport.

Stourport is the terminus of the Staffs and Worcs canal and it has a junction with the Severn River through a series of locks. In fact that was the whole point of this and the other Brindley engineered canals from the later part of the 18th century. Brindley’s grand plan was to connect the 4 major English rivers (Trent, Mersey, Thames and Severn) so that all goods produced in England could find their way to one of these rivers and then to the sea and then to the empire and the outside world. Quite visionary really when you think about it.

This evening we tied up at Stourport and went for a lovely evening walk. Stourport these days is a bit of a holiday destination and has a bit of a seaside town feel about it, complete with a tacky fair ground.


Got away from the fair ground pretty quickly and went down to the river where it was lovely.


Then a quick pint of Fraser’s new favourite brew from the Black Country and as recommended to him by Ian W back in Calgary.


Then a quick look around the canal basin at dusk. All in all a great day.



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