More Split – 17th September 2022

Relaxing start to the day as we didn’t have any great plans on the agenda.

We did have some washing to drop off, so on the way we went via the local fruit and vegie market to pick up some fruit for the day. Lots of variety and very fresh. We were drooling over all the stone fruit like figs, plums, almonds but just too risky for us to imbibe in considering their laxative value and our inability to ration ourselves.

This chap is Gregory of Nin. We can tell you he was a medieval bishop and stands 8.5 meters and if you rub his big toe then you will have good luck – yeap, one very shiny big toe.

After our breakfast we went for a wander around town and came across this really cool “slap”. Di really likes quirky and unique street art, and this very much tickled her fancy.

We then split ways and whilst Di went wandering around the old city Fras climbed up Marjan Hill to get a better view over the city and the Adriatic Sea.

Fras certainly felt the effort of the climb was well worth it.

The water looks so inviting and we are getting very excited about heading out along the coast tomorrow – we are hoping the weather will hold for us.

This picture is for Wolfgang and Marlene – whoa, how about these for fenders – ha, ha.

Once we caught up again, we wandered out for dinner and then down to the wharf to see if our boat had come in – hmm, it wasn’t there so on our return to our hotel we did double check the dates, which thankfully were right.

On our wander back we came across this inventive way of hanging your washing out to dry. Room is very limited within the old city area so besides being amused we could see the practicality of it.

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