Road to Split – 16th September 2022

It was decided to leave by 8.00am as we had a long way to drive back to the Split airport to drop off the car. We should give the car a bit of a wrap as it never missed a beat and very economical on petrol. It was a Peugeot 208.

We were looking forward to the drive back to Split as we came up in the dark and saw nothing. We were not disappointed.

We went through four road tunnels altogether as we made our way over two large mountain ranges. The longest tunnel being 5.9k long.

There was a huge contrast between the green lushness of the Plitvice National Park to the stark dryness of the coast.

We had a little wait at the airport prior to making our way into the city so went up to have a coffee in this rather impressive coffee shop. The airport was totally rebuilt in 2019.

Once we settled into our hotel, we went out for a walk to orientate ourselves.

Our hotel is located in the shadow of the old walled city and a short walk to everywhere.

We kept bumping into these large groups of people doing guided Game of Throne tours. Neither of us have ever watched an episode of it but apparently, they did a lot of filming in Croatia. We did decide to give the Game of Thrones shop a miss which had a queue out the door.

We spent a few hours getting delightfully lost in amongst all the narrow alleys and though it was busy with tourists, we were managing to avoid the worst of it.

Split is the second biggest city in Croatia after Zagreb, which is the capital. The city has a population of 250,000.

Split has a borderline humid subtropical and Mediterranean climate.  It has hot, moderately dry summers and mild, wet winters, which can occasionally feel cold, because of the strong northern wind.

It has suited us to come at this time of year as we knew the weather would be milder as we are just not hot sun people anymore. We went for a wander down to the port as wanted to check out where we would be catching our cruise boat from on Sunday.

To say we were just a little surprised to see just how many different small cruise companies were there, would be an understatement. The port was full of “oligarch” launches………

Abundant options for dinner to night – yummy.

Just could not avoid posting this little gem.

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