Wet Day in Windsor – 25th August 2022

We awoke to heavy rain on the roof of the boat which was a welcome change. It is hard for us to be annoyed with the rain as it is so needed. It was meant to rain until 2.00pm today but we got short changed when it stopped at 11.00am.

We had booked on line the previous night, to visit Windsor Castle.

There are three parts to the tour of the castle. Firstly the walk up and the outside; secondly the state apartments and thirdly St George’s Chapel.

On previous visits, St George’s Chapel has not been included on the tour.

The original castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror. 

The castle was used as a refuge by the royal family during the blitz in WW 2 and survived a fire in 1992. Besides Buckingham Palace it is used for hosting state visits and has been the main residence of the Queen since 2011. 

We opted to do the chapel first so as to avoid the crowds.

No photography is permitted within the chapel so cheated and added some from the web.

Recent events that have taken place there are the funeral of Prince Phillip and marriage of Harry and “that” woman.

Henry VIII is buried in the chapel. Within St George Chapel is King George Chapel which is the royal vault which has the Queen Mother and George VI buried there along with Princess Margarets ashes. Prince Phillip is currently in a holding pattern but will be moved to the royal vault once the Queen passes.

Once again we could not take photos inside of the state apartments.

Of course these rooms are only used for state functions. The Queen is in a much more private part of the castle where there is no access to the public.

This is the state dining room as of today. It was was extensively damaged by the fire in 1992 but you would never know. Prince Phillip was very instrumental in bringing it back to its original state. Not sure where they found all the craftsmen who had the old knowledge.

We then headed back into the township of Windsor where we did some further walking and investigating.

Windsor has two railway stations of which they have done significant renewal to this one with lots of boutique shops. It was very well done and nice to visit.

We crossed over the Thames and went in search of Eton. It is rather a disappointing pile of bricks and looks old and run down. You can’t get much of a look at it and what you can see doesn’t impress one.

We did find this very peculiar set of permanent stairs imbedded into the brick wall which ran along the edge of Eton’s playing fields. We couldn’t quite figure out the purpose of them being permanent. Maybe for the poor locals to see what they are missing out by not attending Eton – who knows.

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