Catching up with Liz – 24th August 2022

Well, we are getting there. There is another bucket list item to be ticked off but that is not for another week and we will keep that secret until then.

It was very comfortable cruising in gorgeous weather with a good breeze to keep us cool in 27c heat.

Sarah captured this stunning photo of us in Boveney Lock that we did today during our four hours of cruising.

It is lovely to see the lock keepers taking such a keen interest in presenting the grounds in such a gorgeous way. There is a Bloom competition each year for the locks to enter into. This year it was won by the Hillmorton Locks near Rugby – they must have been spectacular to beat Boveney Lock.

Our timing of our arrival was spot on as we got an excellent mooring under trees and only a one kilometer walk into the center of Windsor. In  fact, it was exactly the same spot as we moored at back in 2019. Still the same plethora of swans.

Once lunch was over and the boat tidied up, it was off for a walk past the castle and to the Long Walk.

The view looking back towards the castle from the end of the long walk where the statue with King George III stands on a rise.  The impressive statue was erected in 1831 to commemorate his significant contribution to Windsor Great Park. Nothing like patting yourself on the back.

The long walk measures 2.64 miles in length of which we managed about a third of the way as it was starting to get late.

We did the walk this afternoon as tomorrow it is forecast to rain all day so we will do more inside things tomorrow.

We wandered back through some back streets on our way to the boat and discovered this little gem. Can not find anything about the place except the date of 1718.

When the Queen is in residence, her Royal Standard flag is flown atop the castle. Above is her Royal Standard. Currently, the Queen is in Balmoral for the summer break but she will be back at Buckingham Palace to greet the new Prime Minister who will be appointed on 5th September.

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