We are Melting Again – 11th August 2022

It was beautifully cool last night under the willow and we awoke to a cool boat.

We hung around until 11.00am before we set off. As the day heats up, we get a cool breeze off the water which keeps us cool as we sit up on the back of the boat under the brolly. The hottest part of the day is around 4-6pm.

We covered 10 miles and went through four locks before we moored up at 3.30pm as the thermometer hit 32c.

The landing stage at the top side of the last lock of the day had an extended waiting area which you were allowed to moor at over night for a fee. It was in the shade and we decided it was a no brainer.

We went looking for the lock keeper to pay him but no one around. Of the four locks we did today, only one of them was manned – obviously they couldn’t handle the heat.

We laid out on the grass enjoying the coolness before Fraser jumped in the Thames to cool off further. News is that England will declare a drought tomorrow.

We have three more days of these high temperatures before it breaks on Monday with rain and thunder storms. All we can say is, bring it on!!

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