Another Amber Heat Alert – 10th August 2022

They have started putting out Amber Heat Alerts starting Thursday and continuing through to Monday when they are predicting 80% chance of rain with thunder storms but still 29c.

To us, it just feels hot and the best way to handle it is to get moving as you create a bit of your own breeze. Luckily today, there was a bit of additional breeze and add in our faithful old green umbrella and we were reasonably comfortable. We cruised for four hours back down the river looking for a shady mooring.

We totally lucked out!!! Not only did we get a shady mooring under a weeping willow but it was in the back yard of a pub. We did have to be a little inventive as to how to secure Ange for the night though.

We checked with the establishment and they were more than happy for us to moor up though we did mention we would partake of their hospitality by eating there tonight.

We pulled in at 4.00pm and once we had done our evening chores by 4.30pm, we walked the plank up to the pub.

We found a possi on the edge of the verandah and settled in for the rest of the evening.

Not a lot to report on our cruising day apart from mentioning a lot of grass fires off in the distance and the sound of sirens going to put them out. The supposed rain for next week is going to be very much welcomed by all the farmers and the local water authorities. We are hearing from other people that the lack of water is causing considerable issues around the canal network. We consider ourselves fortunate as feel that we are just ahead of the restrictions.

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