End of Worcs and Staff –  5th July 2022

Today saw us reach the end of the Worcester and Staffordshire Canal. Leaving our mooring spot in Kidderminster at 9.30am, we were in Stourport at 12.30pm.

X marks the end of the canal and tomorrow we head onto the River Severn. River cruising is not our ideal by any means but you do need to use them sometimes. It is a totally different kettle of fish on the rivers and with a flat bottomed boat the ride is not the smoothest with any wake from other craft. The River Severn also has a a bore but we will go into tht later.

The Worcester and Staffordshire Canal is certainly one of our more favoured canals having done in back in 2016.

Today, we went under the viaduct of the Severn Valley Railway. The 16-mile (26 km) heritage line runs along the Severn Valley from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster, following the course of the River Severn for much of its route, and crossing the river on the historic Victoria Bridge.

The railway is the sixth-longest standard gauge heritage line in the United Kingdom. Train services are hauled predominantly by steam locomotives, with vintage diesel locomotives hauling occasionally.

We have done the train in the past so decided it more prudent to head on down to the Stourport.

Another example of well worn creative steps around the locks.

Coming into Stourport, you pass evidence of days gone by of old warehouses and lifting equipment like this old wharf crane. Stourport came into being around the canal basins at the Severn terminus of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, which was completed in 1768. 

Worcester or bust tomorrow.

We arrived into a large private marina of which there were two public moorings and we managed to snag one of them. There is certainly an advantage finding moorings earlier in the day. It does mean getting up and going early but we are finding it worth the effort.

We did a recognsence around the basin to check how we get down to the river tomorrow. There are two staircase locks of two locks each that we need to negotiate first thing. We think there are a few other boats heading down to the river so there will be an armada heading south. Safety in numbers also!!

We moored up with a lovely couple who were from Sharpness where we are eventually going. They were interesting people and she was an author of cycling books around Europe on a budget. You do get to meet some interesting people on the canals.

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