Kidderminster Bound –  4th July 2022

What were they thinking!!! We will say no more!!!!

Let us balance it out with some class though we do think it is time for the bunting to be taken down.

This particular house was interesting as the overflow from this lock actually goes underneath this house. Where you can see the pot plants to the left is where the overflow goes and then comes out at the bottom of the lock. We assume the lock was built prior to the house to cause this unusual construction.

We didn’t have a lot of sunshine today but at least we didn’t have any of that wet stuff. It still continues to be windy which is a constant struggle. This makes for a lovely photo with Ange De L’Eau looking great in all her splendour and still in one piece!

About an hour into our cruising, we passed three groups of kids who were in catamaran arrangements. We gave them lots of encouragement which spurred them on to chase us. They had various chants they were calling out and one we managed to decipher was “Canadian Flag” which we assume referred to our flags on the back of the boat. It was fun to watch the kids as they were really getting into it and working well as a team.

They even followed us through this short tunnel and almost caught up to us here as the water drag in a narrow space like this slows you down. There was a lock shortly after the tunnel so this is where the kids ended their excursion.

It was then into Kiddiminster. Kidderminster owes its growth to the early development of the cloth industry, which was aided by its position upon the River Stour, and its location at the congruence of four main roads to Birmingham, Dudley, Worcester and Bewdley and Bridgnorth.

In the early 18th century, carpet weaving was introduced to Kidderminster, and this rapidly became the staple trade of the town. Its growth was aided by the opening of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal in 1771, and later the arrival of the railway to the town in 1852.

We pulled up right along Tesco for our weekly shop where we were able to bring the shopping trolley to the boat. We cruised a total of three hours today which is a very comfortable pace.

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