Wild, Windy, Weather – 30th August 2019

Apologies for the late posting but we had no WiFi yesterday.

Maybe it is because we are on the summit but today it has been wild and windy causing us to hang onto the tiller with dear life. The canal is exceptionally busy and at times difficult to pass oncoming boats as they are being pushed into us by the wind.

We came very close to the construction site of HS2. It looked to us that they were building a road rank for a bridge to cross over the canal. There is currently talk that the project may be shelved. The UK is constantly having to deal with 200 year old infrastructure which is not keeping up with modern demands. It is a bit like building or renovating a house – which is easier. After our experience of renovating, we would say building new is easier but those who have gone through that process may well not agree with us.

Another oddity – a land locked canal boat. Guess it is no different to using an old railway carriage for accommodation.

We made our way across the rest of the summit in the blustery conditions and then commenced our descent of the nine Napton locks to the small village of Napton on the Hill. This is the last of our narrow locks and we felt that it deserved videoing.


After mooring up around 2.30pm we went for a walk to the Folly Inn which is highly recommended. It is extremely unique to say the least. Just full to the brim with bric a brac with a bent to the canals.

There were more formal dining rooms out the back which deserved a photo.

We didn’t stay for a drink as we decided we would pop back later. Our walk continued up the hill to the local grocers which was very much like how a village shop was 60 years ago. It had everything in it, plus it was a tea room, post office, currency exchange and the list went on ad infinitum.

We returned to the boat and whilst Di did the blog Fraser went for a run and came back with this gorgeous photo of the windmill in the town. You cannot get any closer as it is privately owned. After dinner and showers we both decided we didn’t have the energy to go out again to The Folly.

We are now only four hours cruising from the Walton Hythe Marina where Ange De L’Eau resides and will take two days to get there. There is the town of Braunston to go through and we will spend time here tomorrow, as in the past we have always whizzed through.

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