Goodbye Kennet and Avon – 19th August 2019

So if you thought yesterday’s blog was short, today’s is even shorter.

We came off the Kennet and Avon after nearly four hours cruising earlier today and turned left, heading north towards Oxford. The first noticeable difference for us being back on the River were the very strong winds which were buffeting us about.

Our first order of the day was to drop into the Tesco Extra to replenish supplies and then proceed a further ½ mile to put on some diesel. Next stop was through the Caversham Lock where we once again had to pay for a seven day Thames License. That is more than we will need but once you bought a two day license it was the same day as a seven day one.

It was then full steam ahead up the river. We had to get our heads back into river mode as we are back in the land of the yoghurt pots.

We passed the odd stately manor.

Theoretically, we are still in the boundary of Reading City which does have a reputation of being grimy and not so nice. If you could afford to live on the river, it might make it worth while living here.

This was our final lock of the day at 6.30pm and feeling weary by now. Their was a large hire boat which was a yoghurt pot that was in the lock with us and there were about a dozen people on it including at least four kids. The kids were jumping all over the boat including the roof and with no life jackets on. We decided to keep well away from them as we could just see it as an accident waiting to happen. When the guy left the lock, he gunned the engine and we and the other narrowboat in the lock just covered our eyes. We will let you know if we hear of anything on the nightly news.

So we are now where the red “x” is. Going forward it should be a lot less cruising and more sight seeing and touring around some lovely villages that are coming up besides the city of Oxford.

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