Looong Day – 18th August 2019

So after today which was very long, 7.5 hours, we are only left with about four hours on the Kennet and Avon for tomorrow. It is then turn left at Reading onto the Thames River and head north to Oxford. We decided to put in such a lengthy day as the weather was in our favour and there was light traffic on the canals. Tomorrow, the hire boat companies start their new weekly hires again and that is when things can turn to custard.

It will only be a short blog tonight as not a lot new was discovered on ground already covered. We did 13 locks and 8 swing bridges and a lot of walking as the locks and bridges are spaced in such a way that it is hardly worth getting back on the boat.

The repetition was starting to get to Fras a bit and he was trying to find ways of entertaining himself whilst the locks filled.


What do you call a group of swans?? A group of swans is called a bevy or a wedge in flight.

There was an area of canal today which was windy and tight and wouldn’t you know it, they were working on a Sunday on it and had turned the canal in a series of chicanes which for a 57 foot canal boat is not easy. They had large metal barges you had to send your way through and each one had very sharp corners. Ange De L’Eau negotiated without losing any paint work but it did require many reverses and expletives.

Our mooring tonight is extremely rural where we are next to a cow paddock in relative quiet. Unfortunately, we are right next to the scene where a young police officer was killed last week by burglars and there is still a significant police presence. At least we feel extra safe tonight.

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