Out and About -24th February 2019

Nicks brothers’ partner Jamie popped in early this morning on his way to Perth. He is a steward for Quantas and was just finishing a long stint where he said he had been twice round the world in two weeks. He resides in Perth but is based in Brisbane so was waiting for a seat on a flight back to Perth but one wasn’t available until 7.00pm. Hence he came to Nicks to catch up on a few zzzzs.  He has a week off and then back on the treadmill. This sort of job sounds glamorous but when you live it you realize it is not so. Imagine how screwed up your body clock would be.

Nick went off to work for a few hours so we very quietly spent the morning connecting with as many of our friends by phone, text and FaceTime as we could, so as to fill up the calendar in an orderly manner. We don’t have a lot of time in Brisbane but have a lot of friends we would like to connect with. Some are old work colleagues from our Runge Mining days in Brisbane and in Calgary.

Our luck was in with a booking in the afternoon with Seb and Anna. Seb worked in the Calgary office for two years and his Argentinian wife Anna had their two children in Canada.

Seb now works for BHP whilst Anna is full time at the Oncology unit at Royal Brisbane Hospital. Their sons Leon and Lars are at school but funnily enough they remember Calgary and the snow and want their parents to take them back there. We thinks they have no memories of as to how cold it is back there. We note that the cold spell in Calgary continues and today has a low of -28c  –  not missing it!!!

The kids have a pool, tennis court, trampoline and large yard to entertain them whereas in Canada if they had all that, they would not be able to utilize it much during the year. Guess they could say that they would be skiing instead.




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