Mines, mines and more mines – 19th February 2019

Kerry and Craig kept telling us of things that we had done with them whilst in Muswellbrook and how we shared labour on our renovations. When Kerry had the twins we had made a lead light fan window for them to go above the door into their nursery. We had totally forgotten about doing it.

You can see from the photo the magnificent pressed metal ceiling plus the lead light that we did for them. Their house also had some rooms with decorative metal walls whereas ours was all lath and plaster which had a very strong propensity to crack!!!

Fraser and Craig went off for a tour of the mines around the town and we mean around the town. Muswellbrook is now encircled by open cut coal mines which does create dust issues for the township. As ugly as they are and tough on the environment, we still need coal until the renewables are fully self sufficient.

There were lots of big boy toys for the guys to go and check out!!

The kids all dressed up and ready for school. They catch a school buss to St Jospeh’s School in Aberdeen which is about 15 minutes drive north. They started year eleven in February so only two more years.

In the afternoon the wind really picked up and with a 40 degree day and the drought there was certainly the concern for fire. We left our picture of the family a little too late as the wind took over when it came to the fountain. It has been a great stay with the guys though short and so good to see the kids growing up into lovely young adults.

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