Birthday Boy – 25th January 2019

Birthday Boy Fraser who turned 85, oops, meant 58 – his dyslexia creeping in there – didn’t quite have as a relaxing day as he was hoping. He was made to put on his new birthday clothes consisting of his new biking top, Carlton footy socks and his lobster pyjamas from Christmas for his traditional birthday photo. Little Alex who is off to school this year decided he needed to be in the photo so he put on his new school clothes complete with price tags that his mum was trying to remove.

Belinda has Friday off so we had a leisurely breakfast and as the temperature gauge was reading 36c at 10am it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that Belinda, Alex and Di hopped into the pool to cool off. We thought Fras had gone into the bedroom to change but apparently he fell backwards onto the bed and that was the end of him for the next two hours. Birthday Boys prerogative.

Di and Alex played in the pool for over two hours doing swimming lessons and just staying under the water as much as possible. Belinda called the recalcitrants out at 12 midday as it was 41c and just too risky being outside at that temperature. The water in the pool was also getting uncomfortably hot.

We were doing some washing throughout the day and hanging it on the line which for Di and Fras is still a novel concept but it was very difficult to be outside long enough to hang out a basket load. The sun was searing and even being covered up with sunnies on and a big floppy had which was still wet from the pool did not help that much.

Once household tasks were complete, we headed around to Belinda’s townhouse which had just recently been vacated to have an inspection. Di and Fras are going to clean it up for Belinda to save her the job as she is so busy. We felt we could do a lot better than commercial cleaners so we scoped out our task and to see what cleaning products we would need. The old tenants were Sri Lankan and the place was totally infused with the smell of curry which almost burnt your eyes. Let’s just say the place was not left in the condition they received it in. So we have a job starting on Monday to keep us busy and pay for our board.

It was about this point where Di felt that the skin had been ripped off the inside of her thighs and was starting to walk like someone with a soccer ball between her legs. It was worked out that whilst she was in the pool she spent a lot of the time sitting on a pool noodle and it had caused abrasions which were super sensitive and painful. Hm, we had a form birthday dinner to go to and she had chosen a dress to wear and had prepared nothing else to wear. Least to say she was just a little uncomfortable all evening.

It was Fraser’s sister Amanda’s 60th on the 22nd January so it had been decided a combined birthday dinner at the RACV club would be suitable. Amanda’s two daughter Imogen and Ella also joined us for the evening so it was great to have the younger ones around which didn’t make us feel like such old fossils.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy – 25th January 2019

  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Fraser. Temperatures are in the forties here in Maitland too. The pool water is 30 degrees, so even that isn’t much help. Thank goodness for the air conditioning. We’re sure it will be cooler by the time you arrive in March. In the meantime, our February escape to the apple isle is looking like it might be more smokey than cool…


    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. He shares his birthday with one of my sisters and always gloats about it being Robbie Burns Day. He got a great birthday cake he had to share with my great nephew yesterday in Frankston as their birthdays are only a day apart.

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