Moving House – 21st January 2019

Alas, our three week house sitting sojourn at Shelley and Sams comes to an end today. We needed to put Humpty back together after making ourselves super comfortable in their Elwood apartment. Not too sure if Henry will be that unpleased to see us go as we did have irregular hours.

We split form for a short while so that Fras could take his Aunty Jen out for a coffee and trip to the beach whilst Di did some food shopping for the apartment and went on the hunt for some flowers. Nothing nicer than coming home to a clean house and fresh bunch of flowers.

Once all the washing was dry we made up the beds and loaded up Suzy and headed into Henty House in the city. Our task here was to tidy up Frasers dads bedroom after installing all the new furniture and making it more comfortable. We kinda forgot about dinner so by the time it came around to eat we were starving and hence ate the Tim Tams and remaining Christmas cake that was in the fridge – sorry Barb!!!

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