Good News and Assembly Day – 20th January 2019

The day started off well with a call from Paul saying he was pretty sure he had left his man bag in the Immigration Museum. Fraser had already gone down to Henty House as he was awaiting delivery of all the IKEA furniture that he had ordered for his fathers bedroom make over.

The flat packs got delivered at 9.30 am and the Immigration Museum opened at 10.00am so Fraser was at the door as it opened. They had nothing in lost property but said he was more than welcome to go around the museum and have a look for it. Lo and behold, there it was at one of the exhibits where the boys had sat down for a rest. Paul received his man bag back and is now a very happy chappy.

Fras returned to Henty and started the assembly process of the five pieces of furniture. The items included a two meter desk with drawers; a 3×4 cube bookcase; 2×4 cube bookcase; three drawer clothes dresser and a narrow nine drawer tall boy.

Di arrived around 2.30pm after doing a few house hold tasks back at Elwood and helped in the completion of the IKEA mania. We were both very pleased with the end result and now with all this storage space available to Frasers father, maybe he might be able to keep his paperwork confined to his room rather than spread around the apartment making it look untidy. As they say, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

We didn’t get back until after 7.00pm so it was a matter of having some dinner and watch a bit of the tennis.

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