IKEA – 16th January 2019

A day spent on preliminaries for the big IKEA purchase. Fraser has been given permission by his father to do a bedroom makeover in their apartment. His parents are off to Adelaide tomorrow for a friends 90th birthday celebrations and will not be back until the 23rd January. This gives us time to purchase the necessary flat packs, put them together and fit out the room.

Our challenge today was to go to IKEA and battle the crowds to view the pieces of furniture assembled in the displays, which we duly did. After that, we return to his parents apartment to double check all the measurements. Whilst in the city we went to Dymocks which is the big book store as Di needed to get a couple of books for her great nephews seven birthday on the 24th January.

His mum had suggested a book called Captain Underpants which is a children’s series. When she suggested it we thought that she was having us on and were a bit dubious asking for assistance to find it in the store. There were over twelve books in the series so we chose Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir-Stink-A-Lots and Captain Underpants and the Terrfying Return of Tippy Tinklet Trousers. Don’t these just sound like books that would suit a seven year old boy!!!! Wish we had had these sort of books when growing up rather than the bland goody two shoes Secret Seven.

After a cuppa with Frasers mum we headed back tomElwood to put the IKEA order in on-line. The order comes in at more than 200kg so decided they could deliver it. Can’t really see Suzy Suzuki being able to fit all that into her.

So that was the sum total of our days activity. It is just so hard to get much done in a day when in close to a big city as you spent a lot of time just trying to get from place to place and that is without even mentioning the parking issue.

Not quite the sum total as we had a dinner date with an old work colleague who also use to work for Runge Mining. Actually, it was quite spooky and forgot to mention about this when we were at the tennis watching the big match. We were chatting away when this chap, a women and two small children came up to us and said hello. It was our friend Nick and his family who we were going to meet up with in a couple of nights for a dinner date. They just happened to be sitting in the next bay at the tennis. Spooky.

Anyway, we did get to meet them for dinner tonight. When in Melbourne we always make a point of touching base with Nick as when he worked for the same company as us he often visited the Calgary office and we got to know him well. Each time we met him in Melbourne though, it was only ever him and not his wife or children. We kept telling him that this family he would mention were just a figment of his imagination. We were finally proven wrong and had a great chat and meal with them.

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