Catch Up – 15th January 2019

Spent most of the day at the flat doing domestic chores and catching up on paperwork. Also have Henry lots of company who was only interested in sleeping but at least he likes to be in the same room as us. Gave him a great groom which he loves but had to be on his terms.

Whilst in Oz, Fras has to prepare the tax returns for Canada so spoke to Joannie and Simon back in Calgary to see if any mail had arrived. Of course we used the pretence of the tax to have a Toque fix. Unfortunately, she just looked too comfortable with the guys. They have been having an extremely mild winter back there with days reaching +10c and not much snow. December, January and February are the coldest months and last year was absolutely brutal with temperatures reaching -32c and record snow but it is the total reverse this year. Like good Canadians we warned them it wouldn’t last!!!

We went and met up with Liz, Nick and Ahmer around 6.00pm and headed out to the Elwood Bathers Restaurant which was right on the beach.

Our sunset was just magical as was the meal. We had some champagne to celebrate our time together in Melbourne and I won’t mention how much that little luxury cost but it was worth it. Nick heads to Canberra in the morning; we might see Liz in Melbourne before she heads back to Canberra but we will definitively see her in a few weeks in Canberra; Ahmer flies to Singapore in the morning for four days and then back to London. We will catch up with him when we are in London in July.

Pretty sure we mentioned Ahmer use to do the casting contracts for Corrie Street and he sent us this photo to us of when he use to work there. Sad that they have pulled the old set down now.

Wolfgang and Marlene are preparing for their partial summer on the canals in England this year and sent us a couple of photos to tempt us as to what is coming up. Wolfgang is as bad as us and all holidays are always on spreadsheet but what do you expect when Fras and Wolfgang are engineers. July and August are a little way off yet and we are still seriously travelling but we always have lots of enthusiasm for our canal trips!! Watch this space.

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