4D Immersion Experience – 9th January 2019

We split in different directions today with Fras heading off to help his mum and dad with a few domestic issues whilst Di and B2 headed over to Docklands which is inner city Melbourne. They wanted to go and see this art installation called Artvo. It had been recommended to B2 by a good friend who had seen it and felt it was worth a visit. We will not say anything but let the pictures we took do the talking.

Not for the art elite but you can still appreciate the skill that is required to makes these effects. ArtVo is an immersive art gallery or ‘trick art’ gallery.

Unlike normal art museums, visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with the artworks, photographing themselves and becoming part of the art. Weird to see people taking photos of art work!

The art is painted directly onto the walls and floors. Additional sculptural elements are added, to allow visitors to immerse themselves into different scenes, locations and famous paintings.

There were fourteen Korean artists with over 40 years’ experience completed in excess of 100 hand painted artworks in just 60 days. What we thought would take us an hour took up a lot of the afternoon and in fact we ran out of time.

We made our way to Henty House for a great afternoon tea with Barb and Trevor and for B1 and B2 to reconnect. Last time they met the circumstances were to say, a little smothering.

Taken yesterday afternoon at Henty House.

The afternoon tea merged into Uber pizza and a couple of bottles of champagne over five hours. That was the good stuff that was eaten and we won’t mention the bad stuff Di found in Barbs pantry like chocolate, biscuits and sugar filled things that are not so good for you and left over from Christmas. That is not to say that we did not consume it all!

We also found a couple of other photos from our Christmas 2012 when the two Barbs were together in Calgary.

We made B1 (80 at that stage) and B2 (age non-specific) walk across Lake Louise on snow shoes. How many 80 year olds could do that and the whole time with a smile on her face and it was -25c. Oh well, she did say she wanted to experience a white Christmas.








Hard to say if we all look happy.

The risk of walking under eaves of buildings during winter with snow melt happening.

Chateau Lake Louise Christmas Tree with the Four Amigos and Nana B1 with fur baby No.2.

Mother and Son.

So if you thought the blog had been lacking in visuals the last week, we have well made up for it today.

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