The Rowing Rowes – 15th December 2018

Final day in Adelaide in what has been a very pleasant and rebonding stay. It is not often that we are able to spend a good amount of time with family members and catch up with all their news. Alistair who is the youngest of the two boys just completed his final year at High School and should get his marks on Tuesday. He will then head off to Sydney and we have promised the poor lad that we will catch up with him on our way through to embarrass him. He truly looked scared.

We all spent the day together starting with a trip down to West Lakes where David was rowing in the Masters (old farts).

He was in the men’s coxed eights from the University of Adelaide. Rowing runs in the Rowe family and the younger generation have also taken it on. Imogen, a niece, the two nephews Lachlan and Alistair and Fraser and David all row(ed). Fraser has taken up rowing in Calgary when the reservoir is not frozen. During his school days he coxed as he was very small but now he has decided to put his whip down and get in with the workers.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out watching them all in their tight and not so flattering zooties (rowing outfits) on the man made course of two kilometres. The Masters only had to row one of the two kilometres.

David did two races and came a very credible first and third. It is a sport that you can continue well into your older years providing all your team mates don’t fall off their perches.

We then went for a drive around to have a look at the Port of Adelaide and other surrounds. It was sad to see two huge car carrying ships unloading when Adelaide use to be the car manufacturing centre of Australia. The beaches of Adelaide are long stretches of beautiful white sand with azure coloured water and of course white pointers!

It was then home to do final chores such as washing in readiness for our road trip tomorrow. There will possibly be no blog tomorrow as where we will be staying has limited cell phone coverage unless we climb up a hill! Our friends Jacquie and Mark have offered us their holiday home in Portland to stay in for a night and due to the remoteness there are limited services so we will be off the grid for about 24 hours.

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