Adelaide CBD, Cricket, Wu-Tang Concert Sydney – 10th December 2018

Took Alistair, our 18 year old nephew, to the airport as he was off on his first big adventure of his life without mum and dad. He was to join up with his brother who was coming up from Canberra, to see the Wu-Tang Clan at the Sydney Opera House. As you can imagine, we have no idea who this Wu-Tang Clan group is and this just confirmed to Alistair that we truly are a couple of old farts!!! We did check them out, and yeap, we are more than happy to remain as old farts.

We then headed into the city to have a wander around and see the place all dressed up for Christmas. It didn’t disappoint us.

Please note the short sleeves and lack of snow!

This beauty was made and designed by an art student and is all done out of paper.

Sorry, can’t help you with any information on this art installation!

Whereas this one needs no explanation. Note how they are wearing jeans when it is 35c! As they say, you acclimatise to your environment.

Apparently, this is the best chocolate ever. Not prepared to try it as probably won’t stop eating it.

Looking down Rundle Street Mall which is the main shopping centre in the city – getting hotter by now.

Fras decided to pop across to the Adelaide Oval to see the last couple of hours of the cricket as it was starting to get interesting plus it was only a fee of a gold coin to get in. Di meantime decided she would stay in the city where they had the air conditioning cranked up. We know we are going to get colds out of this hot/cold thing going on as it happens every time we come back here in the summer.

One of the nice old arcades in the city. The city has a lot of beautiful old sandstone buildings in commercial and residential as there was never any wood here to build with, whereas, as we all know the reverse happens in Canada.

Outcome of the cricket was that Australia lost to India by 31 runs which was not too bad an effort on the Aussies part. As to the concert in Sydney. Alas, Alistair’s big brother Lachlan had his flight cancelled in Canberra at the last minute due to mechanical failure, so he missed out going to the concert. Alistair consoled himself by going to the casino to make $225 but then admitted to us all that it took $190 to end up with a $35 profit. Now that he has just turned 18, he is trialling out all those things that have been forbidden to him in the past. He did try to sell his brothers ticket but no takers so he had two seats to lounge on at the concert. Haven’t heard how the concert went yet but he will be very bleary eyed as he has to catch the early morning flight back to Adelaide as he has work tomorrow.

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