Rest and Road Travel – 26th and 27th November 2018

Yesterday was a day of digestion after a full day of eating the day before at the Thanksgiving feast. We just mucked around the house and watched whilst Paul designed and erected the family Christmas tree.

Not the best of photos but the tree consists of old snow skis and poles, dart board, hula hoop, lots of wire and duct tape. It will be wrapped in tinsel and lights and then all decorations will hang off that. They have promised to send us a photo on the completed tree so that we can post it in  the blog.

Gail did takes us up to the local huge shopping centre as Fras wanted to get a stretchy band to build up his shoulder now that the worse of his frozen shoulder is over. Spent the remainder of the evening showing Gail our various trips over the last couple of years as she wants to do some travel in the near future.


Yet another family farewell to good friends only we will be catching up with Paul and Gail in mid January when we are in Melbourne. We have promised to be their tour guides for a couple of days. It was then into the city to pick up our little compact hire car which is a Skoda Fabia which we have never seen or heard of before. It certainly suits our needs for what we are up to for the rest of the week.

We headed out of Perth in a South easterly direction to the wheat farming community of Narrogin. We are off to see another old friend from our Shay Gap, Heather, who was one of the primary school teachers there for two years.

It wasn’t hard to find the property as the road it was on is the same as their surname.

We passed a tree full of galahs along the entrance to the farm. On our arrival, Fraser was immediately put to work with Michael, Heathers husband, to help drive the tractor whilst the barley was being harvested. A totally new experience for him.

Meantime, Di went and fed lambie

Tammy the dog got in on the act also.

Lambie was born premy with her twin but unfortunately mum wasn’t able to fed them and then her brother died. She has turned into the family pet lamb until the abattoir calls🙁.
Fras got to play for a couple of hours with Michael on some of the farm toys and was in seventh heaven.

Dinner tonight consisted of farm fresh leg of lamb – yummy – there goes the diet. Rebecca, Heathers daughter wants to be a pastry chef when she leaves school and decided she would practice on us. It was a real dumb idea of us even thinking we could start to lose some weight!!!

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