American Thanksgiving the Australian Way – 25th November 2018

Gail and Paul being American by birth, and having lived their until their late thirties like to continue the American Thanksgiving tradition which is always on the third Thursday of November. If you were reading the blog when we were in the Maritimes in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends Alan and Paige. You might be asking yourselves why the Thanksgiving celebrations are at different times in North America. Very simple explanation. Canada is further north so winter comes sooner (we can vouch for that!!!!) and hence the harvesting is done earlier. It is always the second Monday in October so a good five weeks before the Americans.

So we celebrated the Canadian thanksgiving in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the American Thanksgiving in Perth, Australia as you do.
Thanksgiving is always in the early winter months in the Northern hemisphere but of course DownUnder it is outside in the shade protecting yourself from the sun. We lucked out on the weather today as the forecast was for storms but the wind did not disappoint us per usual. Factoid: After Chicago, Wellington NZ, Perth is the next windiest city courtesy of what they call the Fremantle Doctor blowing in around midday.

Gail’s grans fine bone China and cutlery were laid out on the beautifully prepared table and Paul had made from scratch, pumkin, lemon, apple and berry pies for desserts.

Paul got suitably attired for the event. You can get away with casual dressing in a warm climate but maybe Paul took it a little further than most people. We got to catch up with their two daughters Heather and Jill who we had not seen since 1997 and Heather is now a mum of three boys and a 16 week old Collie puppy which she made sure was a female! The boys are 10, 8 and 6 so you could imagine the energy that was injected into the house when they arrived.

It was the full on gourmet catstrophe of ham and turkey done on the barbie. There were 14 adults and 4 kids so a great feat to get it all on the table at once and hot to boot.

The temperature only got up to about 19c so Paul turned on the solars for the pool so all the boys could have a swim and do lots of dive bombs. It was then onto the croquet and bocce and finally a fire which maybe wasn’t the best as the Freo Doctor had arrived in agusto.

All in all a wonderful day with great company!

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