Perth – 20th November 2018

Rest and Recovery day today along with catching up with friends. Al and Jen had to head off to work, the poor buggers whilst we got a bit of a sleep in. We used the day productively by catching up with all the washing and tidying up the house a bit.

Brian (bird) has been on his own for the weekend with Jen’s parents dropping in to see how he was going and replenishing his water and seed bowl. Di thought Brian might like to sit outside in his cage for a while to get some fresh air and sunshine. All was going well until this magpie appeared and Brian let it be known in no uncertain terms that he wanted back inside the house, like, NOW!! It wouldn’t have looked good on Di and Fraser’s Housesitting profile that they were budgie murderers. Hope Henry the cats owners in Melbourne who we are looking after for three weeks in January don’t hear about this little misdemeanour.

A good friend of ours Mike Ayris dropped around for a coffee and a catch up. We have not seen Mike since his wedding back in 1992. As per usual we all lied saying how none of us had changed- this routine is getting tiring. Mike is responsible for Di and Fras meeting one another back in 1984. Di met Mike on a flight from Perth to Mauritius back in 1982 and did some travelling with him in South Africa. They did dumb things like hitchhike from Johannesburg to Durban with a surf board under Mikes arm – dah, and survived. It was great catching up with all his news, two marriages and six kids through the blending process. We will catch up with Mike on the weekend at the Shay Gap reunion.

Al and Jen are vegetarians and Jen very bravely asked Di if she would do some prep work for dinner tonight knowing full well that Di can burn water as she is that bad in the kitchen. As it happens, we have been eating vegetarian meals since we have been staying with the guys and have been enjoying it immensely. It does help though that Jenny is a very good cook!!!

We had our usual hook up via FaceTime with our canal buddies Wolfgang and Marlene for an hour which is always such a delight. There was also a FaceTime with Di’s sister Paula and husband Dex in New Zealand who have some work challenges at present. Our fingers are crossed that they will fall on their feet as they deserve a break after years of honest, hard work. We will be seeing them in Melbourne for two weeks over the Christmas period which we are very much looking forward to.

Fras did manage to fit in a bike up to Kings Park in the city and around the Swan River between all this catchup. Di is not yet ready to get back on a bike yet.

Jens very good friend Lee dropped around for dinner as a surprise for us. We met Lee and Peter in Calgary back in 2013 when they were visiting their daughter who was working up at Maligne Canyon Lodge in Alberta.

Joannie and Simon back home thought we might like a Toque fix. We miss her dearly, the little monster.

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