Broome to Perth – 31st October 2018 and 1st November 2018

Yesterday was spent getting to Perth from Broome. We were very good and started off our day with a swim in the pool cutting a few laps and patting ourselves on our backs for it. The flight was a couple of hours and we were met by our good friend Gayle in her new Cherry Red Metallic car which still had that nice new car smell.

We knew Gayle from Calgary as she and her husband Darren were transferred there with his company Woodside Petroleum from Perth. Between the four of us we got up to a few fun escapades so we will continue that theme whilst we are here.

The last time we were in Perth was back in 1992. We never lived in Perth but would visit it every now and then, so kinda knew the layout of the city. Well since then it has certainly grown and as Gayle was taking us for a drive around we only recognized a few things.

First on the agenda this morning was off to the new Scarborough Beach swimming pool. It was pretty cool but we gritted the teeth and went. We know, we mustn’t complain about the weather being cool after what we have just been through.

Had a little stroll along the beach and then headed in for some smashed avocado toast before heading back into the city.

Gayle and Di catching a few rays and admiring the beach though not enough to want to go for a swim in it.

We then drove to Kings Park which is very much in the heart of the city and went to the look out to try to get Di orientated to the city.

This is looking south from the city across the Swan River. Note the magnificent colour of the sky.

The skyline is not how we remember it, that’s for sure.

OK, who knows what this plant is and none of you sandgropers or crow eaters (nickname for people who live in Western Australia and South Australia, in that order) are allowed to enter the competition!

Think we will go back for another visit to spend some extra time in the gardens.

The little red furry plant I am told is Kangaroo Paw and velvet to the touch.

And this gorgeous cheeky fellow is a Rainbow Lorikeet. Di almost had him sitting on her hand.

Agh, a huge bug bear for us is the adoption of other countries traditions and one that has crept into Oz is Halloween. Bet nobody here knows what it symbolizes but the bloody marketers have got onto it. It is a European and North American celebration and should remain that way, just as ANZAC Day is Ozzie and Kiwi.

Having said all that, here is a picture of the Toque Monster back in Calgary who doesn’t look that impressed that Joannie and Simon found her Halloween Pirates outfit in the basement.

3 thoughts on “Broome to Perth – 31st October 2018 and 1st November 2018

  1. Sturt Desert Pea. Floral emblem of South Australia .
    Fraser Tony Watson a Western Australian used grow them in backyard at O’Connor Canberra


  2. Kings gardens are so beautiful and the landscape is amazing.
    The weather is not bad, but we did not feel isolated being in Perth, so much to do and smaller country places to see. Walking along the foreshore and seeing the surfers and beautiful homes and of course the eateries, yummmy


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