Wolfville to St Andrews – 25th September 2018

Huge travel day with us covering 620k’s in the Black Maria. We were on the road by 10.00am and headed up towards a place called South Maitland on the Shubenacadie River where you can witness one of the best examples of the tidal bore in the Bay of Fundy.

Though this picture will not mean anything to most of you our good friends Carol and Pete in Maitland, NSW will appreciate it.

We really lucked out and made it at just the perfect time to see this phenomenon.

We wish we could demonstrate to you all how spectacular it is to see a tidal bore like this but our photos just not do it justice. Have a close look at the banks of the the before and after photos to give you some perspective. All this area was covered in less than 30 minutes.



The other thing to know is that it does not come in and out like waves but as one rushing wave. Depending on the phase of the moon and special times of the year the bore can be up to two meters in height.

There are adventure companies where you can go on a zodiac and ride the bore in and then go and do some mud sliding but we decided with a temperature of 10c we would give it a miss.

It was then back onto the road for the very long trek to St Andrews. This charming little town is right on the US/Canadian border. We will not be traversing into Trumpland on this journey!!!!

We found another perfectly satisfactory B&B for the evening with all the charm exactly as was listed in the guide book.

We had a quick wander around town prior before the rain moved in along with a very cold strong Atlantic wind.

Even though we are now at the widest part of the Bay of Fundy you can see that tides here are still huge.

Two rather exhausted individuals tonight so not an exciting blog and no history lessons but tomorrow’s posting should be more entertaining.

One thought on “Wolfville to St Andrews – 25th September 2018

  1. The colours of the B&B and other homes are amazing. Dex just looked up about Morecambe Bay in UK saying the tides does so at a speed that would over take and submerge a galloping horse…you two have done alot of miles…no wander your tired…

    Rest up guys


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