Sunday 17th September – Gayton Junction to Northampton

Every morning appears to be getting cooler. We are well huddled under our duvets plus a blanket each night now. The weather is going to remain cool until we leave the boat on Wednesday when it will improve – wouldn’t you know it.

Our first task of the day was to do 13 single locks. Agghh, just what you need to wake you up. It was so damn cold Di put her wet weather gear on to break the wind plus Toque, neck warmer and gloves. None of this gear would be necessary if she was to do the locks as you quickly warm up doing them. When you stand on the back of the boat and do the steering into the locks you get very cold very quickly as you do not move around very much.

She did attempt to do two locks but it was decided that unless Fras took over we would not get into Northampton until nightfall. Some of the lock gates are very heavy and they have their weights chiselled into the doors. It is not unusual to see weights of 560kg, so you can see why even the fittest struggle at times. Let’s not even talk about the paddles.
We crossed under a number of busy roads including the M1 which gave off an immense amount of traffic noise.

After doing 17 locks in total we came into Northampton and right beside the canal was the Carlsberg Brewery. Certainly felt like a drop or two after all the heavy lock work.

We then dropped down onto the River Nene which is going to take Wolfgang and Marlene out towards Cambridge eventually. Well, there is a little more than just that but that is it in a condensed version.
We moored up in the centre of the town canal area and went for a walk to the marina to discuss some logistics regards to cruising on the River Nene, Ouse fens and other tributaries in the Anglia region. After some information gathering for Wolfgang involving licences and costs to be able to cruise these waterways we made our way to the local Morrisons supermarket to top up the larder which was running very dry.

We will cruise with Marlene and Wolfgang on the River Nene until Wellingborough which we should reach by Wednesday lunch time. We will then depart Ange De L’Eau and bid our fond farewells to the guys and catch a train to Gatwick via St Pancras for our flight on Thursday morning back to Calgary.



One thought on “Sunday 17th September – Gayton Junction to Northampton

  1. Many thanks bloggers for the wonderful armchair ride guess you will be glad to be heading home and back to the life of retirement what will you ever find to do !! 🇨🇦🐺🐺


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