Saturday 12th August – Rhydymain and surrounds.

Day of discovery today. First port of call was a hair cut for the both of us. We went off to the town of Dolgellal with Dewi who had organised it for us and the three of us than proceeded to get our locks shorn. It only cost us £7 each and both with very good results. We gotta find cheaper hairdressers back in Calgary!

Our next port of call was ……

This was a particularly strange place as it was a village built by a bit of an eccentric Welsh guy as a replica Italian village on the edge of an estuary in Northern Wales. He started it in 1925 and completed it in about the early 1970’s.

It was quite weird to see it there but the replication wasn’t too bad. He used quite a bit of sleight of hand to make things look bigger than they were and also scaled stuff down in size without you really noticing it.

We had a good walk around and especially enjoyed the gardens.

The weather was not at all kind to us in the beginning but pretty quickly sorted itself up so that we actually got to see the sun.

We are being a bit cheeky and asking for senior rates on entry. The one big disappointing fact about this is that they are not asking us for proof!!!!!

It was then off to Harlech Castle which was all part of the English garrison of castles built by Edward I back in the 1200’s. It was a great example of a castle and in fantastic condition. Gave you a very good idea of why it was built in such a strategic location.

We then drove back along the estuary which had the tide out. Gorgeous part of the country.

Check out the blue sky in the above photo.





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