Thursday August 10th – Hilversum to Manchester, UK

Spent a very enjoyable evening with Al, Ads, Milla, Ollie and Bronte in Hilversum. We also had the last opportunity to take a last walk to the hyda with Bronte and Ali.

We also reacquainted ourselves with the rest of our belongings which we have not seen for three months. We had forgotten just how much and what we had left behind.

We have had to replace one of our suitcases due to a gummy wheel and we did so with the same size. We are not quite sure how we managed to fit into the two suitcases and two small napsacks on our way over as it is one extremely tight squeeze to get back into them. We picked up our good clothes that we had for the cruise plus knee boots, fleeces and coats which we will need for the cooler weather which will be coming in about three weeks.

The only items we have purchased in the entire time we have been away are two key rings from Switzerland and Di’s birthday necklace. Not sure why we are a tight squeeze.

Ads dropped us off at Schipol airport as it was almost on his way to work. It’s really nice getting dropped off and picked up from airports in other parts of the world. – providing they are not too far out of the way for people. Three countries, three days that’s not too bad you know!!!

So it is a rubber band with wings kinda plane across the pond to Manchester. Our reason for Manchester being our destination is that we are going to catch up with good friends Eirian and Dewi who we met 26 years ago with their kids whilst doing a Heineken brewery tour in Amsterdam. We have kept in contact over the years and now the kids are well grown up and they are now like us – liberated from employment!!!!

We have hired a Fiat 500 from the airport for the first 20 days whilst we are here. So our first plan in the beginning of Phase 10 is to spend seven days with Eirian and Dewi in the northwest of Wales. The road trip from Manchester to Rhydymain where they live is about a two hour drive.

We picked up our red Italian Ferrari and headed out towards Wales.

On our way we stopped off for lunch – felt like being home again,

and then….

now Wolfgang and Marlene will recognize where we are…

and if this doesn’t give it away, maybe this will….

We are at the very famous Pontcysyllte aqueduct on the Llangollen canal in Wales. This was the very first canal we ever did and holds some very special memories for us.

It was only an hour to Eirian and Dewi’s place from here. It has been great to spend the night reminiscing and discussing very interesting Brexit topics. The guys have set us a great agenda whilst here so watch this space.




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