Wednesday August 9th – Rodez to Hilversum

How cool is this eh!! Barrelling along at 250k/hr in a tran from Paris to Amsterdam and being able to do our blog and post it!

Yesterday we spent in and around Druelle and Rodez. Belinda, Dom, Alex and we went for a drive into the city of Rodez to have a look around. It was very nice being somewhere where there were not a hoard of foreign tourists. What tourists were there were French. Stopped off for the obligatory coffee.

The centre of Rodez has some great little alley ways with little shops tucked away. All specialty shops with a multitude of small butcheries selling a multitude of dried meats; Belgian chocolate shops galore and of course cheese shops for the lactose challenged.

Belinda and Dom left us in the playground with Alexandre for half an hour whilst they headed out for a quick bit of food shopping. By the time they got back we had aged 10 years and kept wondering how we manage to get ourselves in these predicaments. We did have to tell them though that in the whole time they were away he did not notice their absence – point for us!!!

Back at the house, they unlocked a very special room where all the ancestors were hanging off the walls. – figuratively that is. One of them was even a saint who was sainthooded in the 1950’s. We were most privileged indeed.

It was then back to the train station to catch the 10.40pm night train to Paris. It was uneventful though there was this rather interesting character in our courgette. He was young but was dressed superbly in a three piece suit with lapels made of silk. He wore a rather expensive looking fedora and had a multitude of rings. We would classify him as a dandy!!!

Once in Paris at the Gard de Australitz we then made our way via metro to the Gard de Nord. This is where the Eurostar and most of the intercity trains leave from. We made it in a good and comfortable time. Our next train is from Paris to Schipol airport in Amsterdam.
Di was especially surprised that we received a very comprehensive breakfast. We knew we would get one but just thought it would be a cardboard box tossed at us with stale food in it but it was the full Mackoy. This is our last day on our first class Eurorail ticket so needed to make the most of it.

We are changing trains at Schipol for a short 20 minute hop to Hilversum. It is like going back home for us. It is three months since we were last there so that being said we only have five weeks left in this odyssey.

Outside the Gard de Nord.


We have now completed Phase 9 and commence Phase 10 tomorrow when we fly to Manchester. We are flying courtesy of this airline called Flybee which has already moved our flight by two hours….hmmm…..things are not boding at all well. We will fill you in once we land in the good old blighty.

Tonight will be spent with Ali and Ads having a good old chin wag and doing the proverbial washing of the clothes. We also left a bag of warmer clothes behind in their attic so it will be fun to try out some of our old wardrobe. One wonders, though one does not really need to, whether the clothes will fit us!!!!!





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