Thursday July 13 – Final Day, Brecon Beacons South Wales

Well today is our final day of cruising. We have about five hours of motoring of which it will bring us to within an hour of our home base for returning the Pencelli Castle. The weather remains dry though overcast and a little cool at about 17c.

It is so chocolate box cover scenery.

Here is a great before and after comparison of the working canal as opposed to the leisure canal that it is today.

The white cottage as well as the stone building are now used as holiday let’s. Big change to what they were initially built for.

We managed to consume all the food we had bought so then it was just a matter of giving the boat a bit of a tub up before we return it tomorrow morning.

For our last meal together we went out to the Lion Inn as the larder was bare. It is not a farewell as we will be back with Wolfgang and Marlene in six weeks for yet another canal episode.

We have put together a small collage of some of the other photos that were taken on the canal by Wolfgang. Let’s hope this might wet your appetite for maybe following on our footsteps.





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