Fri 2nd June – Stavenger and Pulpit Rock hike

Today it is all about Fras as his day was the most exciting. Di’s day was spent relaxing back at the hotel trying to get on top of this yucky, gross chest and sinus infection that continues to hang around.
I (fraser) checked out the weather forecast. Generally it was to be a drizzly and wet all day although the period between Noon and 4pm seemed to be the best. Based on that I took the 10.40 am ferry to Tau and then the bus to the trail head at Preikestolen or (Pulpit rock in English) to start hiking at Noon.

The trail was only 4 km but with about 400m elevation was a bit of a climb. Very rocky and slippery with the wet weather. This walk is probably the most famous and popular hike in Norway. Today was no exceptions with many people on the trail.
Once at the top it is easy to see why it is popular and well known. Pulpit rock is slab of rock that is 600m in height and comes directly up from the Lysefjord. At the top it is about 25m x 25m and is like a shelf. The Pulpit shape means that it hangs out over Fjord such that when you look over the edge you look directly 600m or 1800 feet directly down to the Fjord. It is total 100% shear drop with nothing between you and the water below.

Apparently it has a very good safety record despite absolutely no safety arrangements at all. There has been a few suicides though.
When I was there a day cruise boat came along on the Fjord below, which which sounded its horn and everyone waved.
Some people got very close to the edge and this girl dangled he legs over the edge. Obviously she had no fear of heights at all.

I stayed a little way back at a respectable meter or two. I do find it a bit nerve racking going to close to an edge like this. I think as far as these type of edges go it’s probably the highest thing I have ever experienced !

After the hike headed back to town and a quick stroll through the old tow neighbourhood of Stavenger. Houses are all weatherboard and date from the 1800s.u

Home for a very hot shower and meal to warm up.

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