Tuesday 30th May – Bergen

Fairly relaxing day with light sight seeing occurring. We met an Aussie couple from Bondi in the hotel so had a chatty breakfast with them and arranged to meet up for dinner before we went our separate ways.

Decided we would go up to the viewing platform and went back via the wharf. This beauty was in there.

The fish markets were in full swing. They had kavier (that’s how they spell it here) in all shapes and forms. There was also reindeer, whale and moose dried meats. We opted to give those a miss.

We then made our way up the vernacular for a vista of Bergen. Was not sure how well this would go as there was a lot of low lying cloud.

As you can see from the picture below, it went extremely well. The central population of Bergen is 270,000 but include surrounding areas makes it 440,000.

The area up there was stunning with lots of walking tracks.


We found a very unattractive troll.

Bergen is like crossing Wellington/Hobart and Stockholm and then throwing in the Calgary weather for good luck. It is the second largest city in Norway.

It is obviously a popular cruise boat destination as there were two in today. It is also a gateway to some specky fjords which we are going up to see tomorrow.

We met up with Ester and Howard (the Aussie couple) for dinner down on the water front. The sun was out and all was good. Back to the “trolls hotel” for and early night as need to get prepared for our big day tomorrow.

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