Monday 29th May – Cruising Fjords to Bergen

Very leisurely breakfast before vacating our rooms at 10.00am. Found a warm spot outside on the back of the boat with a blanket thrown in for a bit of warmth.

We sat here for about three hours whilst El Capitano weaved his way in and out of the many islands and slightly submerged rocks. We were amazed as to how close he would get. Unfortunately, none of our pictures do it justice. He really did go between these two rocky outcrops.

This photo doesn’t show the closeness but more the ruggedness of the place.

There continued to be many small villages along the way. Car ferries are prolific and we were surprised to see so much road infrastructure when you could tell they are small settlements. The economics just don’t make sense.

This was just as we were coming into Bergen.

Not quite sure why they had mirrors on the roof of the observation deck – one can only but try to ponder on that one.

We have passed some weird and wacky looking boats over the last 24 hours and this one was no exception. Either support boats for the oil industry or fishing trawlers.

So into Bergen we arrive and off to find our hotel that has only been opened for a month!!! Fawlty Towers move over because you have some very stiff competition from the Hotel Zander K in Bergen. It is designed along the minimalist line – in another words, let’s see how much we can get the suckers to pay by providing them less than the bare minimum. We can cope with the room size but there is no wardrobe and no where to put anything in the bathroom. No bedside tables, no phone, no air conditioning, no tea making facilities – absolutely f$@#+k all of anything. Felt really sorry for the staff as people were just hounding them. I asked for a fan and saw in the back room about twelve of them there – that tells you a lot. Hmmmm, feedback to our booking agent on this particular hotel is not going to be good. Everything up until now has been great.

Opted to get out of the room and head out for a walk around the town as it was stiflingly hot. The one and only plus on the hotel is it’s location which is right in town. Wandered around the Central Park which had a very flashy display of flowers happening. Fantastic place to grow flowers….

And tulips.

Bergen is extremely wet with 266 rain days a year but that is what you need to grow such an array of lovely rhododendrons.

Went on down to the old waterfront where all the warehouses have been restored and changed into those wonderful interpretative centres……aka souvenir shops.

Will spend tomorrow doing further investigations of the area. The weather is predicted to be cool but dry.




We are both still sounding like consumptives, so a day with a leisurely start and lots of fresh air should help the alveoli rejuvenate themselves.

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