Sunday 21st May – St Petersburg, Day 2

Good day for Fras and shitty day of Di. Di has been fighting with a “cruise cough” for the last three days and unfortunately it has turned into bronchitis with the icing on the cake being asthma. So she spent the day resting up and spending of money in the medical centre on the boat. We get the itemized bill at the end of the day. This might mean the end of her retirement.

Fras meantime got to go to the Hermitage, the Church of the Spilled Blood and the Faberge museum. Maybe it is a blessing Di couldn’t go as she is rather partial to expensive frilly bits. – well sometimes.
Tour started with a gift shop experience which was ok and their were actually some very nice dolls.

Then off to the Hermitage museum within the old winter palace of the Tsars. This is the largest museum museum in the world.


Magnificent building with remarkable art work even including a couple of names that sounded familiar – Rembrandt and De Vinci.


Here is our tour group that we did all our St Petersburg touring with. They were called SBP and they were excellent both today and yesterday.



Next we headed to the Church of the Spilled Blood. Full on “onion style” Russian Orthodox building. Why spilled blood ? Because one of the Tsars meet a rather nasty end here and they built the church over the site.



Final stop was the Faberge museum. All sorts of jewellery and Nicky nack things here, but the showcase was the display of 8 of the known 50 Imperial Faberge eggs.



Last stop was a walk down and along Propinksy (?) District. This is the main road and shopping district. It was busy with St Petersburgites (?) going about their Sunday afternoon. It was very interesting .


Dropped in and had a beer at a rather upmarket food store. Thought about purchasing some caviar but at $600 for a small tin I decided not to.


Back to the boat. Medical bill arrived – it cost the same as the price of Di’s first car!!! Good reason to travel with Health Insurance.
Finland tomorrow.

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