27th September 2016

Tell you what, we are getting use to this sleeping in lark. Dragged ourselves out of the beds at 9.30am and after a quick breakfast we went across to the office and got our suitcases to commence packing. This is rather a big task as after four months it is amazing what you accumulate.

After our initial attempt we decided to have a break and go and get our hair cut as both looking a little woolley and need to be slightly presentable for returning to work on Monday.

It was then off to the vet to get the girls checked out and their Certificate of fitness to fly.

Wandered around the town of Stone a little more which really is quite a pleasant main street before going back to nb Lucy and retackling the packing.

We came over with three bags and luckily we have managed to fit back into three bags for the journey back to Calgary.

The pooches definitely know something is up and are both rather quiet. Tomorrow when we bundle them into a car their senses will be more heightened.

No photos today but hopefully some from tomorrow as we travel down to Heathrow via Royal Leamington Spa as we hope to have lunch with Wolfgang and Marlene.


2 thoughts on “Stone

  1. Love Lemington – best girlfriend here in CO grew up there and still has family. Visited it 4 years ago, beautiful buildings, wide streets, the old spa and the park across the street.


    1. Hi Vi, we didn’t actually see much of Lemington Spa as we met up with our friends on the outskirts near the canal. It is certainly a nice area of the country. Di


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