Making our way back to Wigan

31st July to 1st August 2016

We haven’t done any blogging for a few days as we have been making our way back to Wigan from Liverpool since the 31st July.

We had a very early start on the 31st July as we had to muster around the dock to start the guided trip back out of the area. There were four of us in total heading out so we teamed up with another boat for the locks. The boat we teamed up with is what we call an “old thumper”. They are boats with their engine in the middle of the boat with an exhaust out through the roof and make this chug chug sound and spew diesel fumes back over the boatman. That meant that as we were twosomes in the locks we also got to breath in diesel fumes – how lucky for us!!!

We have been blessed for the last few days with dry and overcast weather which is perfect for travelling. No sun to scorch our skins and a little bit of coolness off the water.

Nick who is use to yachting with his dad on Sydney harbour came in for quite a shock when we started knocking into the other boat in the lock. Touching another yacht is a huge no-no and with us banging and clunking into the other metal hulled boat he was having ecliptions. As we told him, it is a contact sport!!!


Leaving the Liverpool Docks

We have spent our time slowly making our way back to exciting Wigan dropping into those pubs that we didn’t visit on our way to Liverpool. Yesterday after a very long day having left Liverpool dock we had to cruise for seven hours in fairly warm conditions. As it was Sunday we then decided that we should have the obligatory Sunday roast lunch at a pub which we duly did. We didn’t get into the pub until 4.00pm of which Fraser and Nick downed a beer each and a bottle of wine so were pretty much finished by 6.00pm.


One of the pubs that we did not actually frequent.

We crawled back to the boat and were all tucked up into bed by 9.00pm and not to awake until 10.00am!!

Today cruising commenced at 11.30am and finished at 4.00pm with a stop to consume some beautiful scones that Fras had made. Otherwise a quiet cruising day with sitting on the front of the boat now and then taking in the tranquility and scenery.


2 thoughts on “Making our way back to Wigan

  1. Fraser your scones are making me feel hungry. Made some for Dacid on Sunday but made the mistake again with new oven and grilled them


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