Pooches Booked to Fly!

A big planning milestone achieved today. Toque and Maples are officially booked for their direct flight from Canada to the UK on Air Canada – cargo class of course. Now to pass on the good news to them…not!!! We’ve been practicing with their crate training which has not been nearly as difficult as we had imagined.  Toque is great and handles her closed crate well and you can see that she is comforted by the security of it.  Maples, the narly old girl, not as easy to convince. She’s sleeping in the crate but whoa betied if you try to close the crate door. She will guarantee that you have a sleepless night if you attempt this feat.  Even though she is toothless she can gum you with distinction!!

Final bag packing this weekend with a lot of thought going into the little things that are going to make our trip more comfortable.  We don’t want to spend time shopping for incidentals which with Murphy’s Law are going to be difficult to find.  For any of you who have been grocery shopping in a foreign country, you know how daunting it can be to find any food stuffs that resembles what you a use to. It can take you 20 minutes to do a single aisle in an average sized supermarket.  Even with a lot of thought going into your choice you still end up with food items that are nothing like what you thought they were.  Even an item such a Weetbix has so many variances between Australia, Canada and the UK. So the least amount of time spent shopping the better.

Three weeks of work left with a lot of time being spent documenting processes for our work colleagues. The clearer we make instructions, the less phone calls and emails we receive whilst on holiday. It will mean our jobs will be easier to slip back into……..

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