Seven Weeks to D-Day

Well, this is our first official blog. Our goal is to blog every second day and more frequently time and internet accessibility permitting.

It is seven weeks until we head over to England to commence our adventures but we want to use this blog as a form of a diary.  There is a lot of preparation required when taking on a trip like this and when you add in two fury four legged creatures things become complicated quickly.

Our decision to take the pooches was simple.  We did not want to be away from them for four months. The other reason being that we would require someone to look after them for the duration.

A bit of homework ensued and we discovered that they could fly with us direct to London and quarantine would consist of five (5) hours.  There has been a bit of mucking around like ensuring their micro-chips are UK ISO approved.  All their vaccinations are up to date so that wasn’t hard.  They require tapeworm medication 48 hours prior to leaving Canada and a bunch of paperwork to be completed by their vet and approved by the Canadian Inspection and Food Agency vet.

They fly as cargo and we are told the pressurized hold is right under business class. Toque can howl like a banshee and something tells us that she is not going to be very happy that she is not flying upstairs with all the two legged ones.

So the pooch thing is all settled – well pretty much so. It does cost a little to fly them as well as the quarantine/customs processing fee but so much cheaper than if we had to kennel them.

All the stars have aligned with regards to our house as good friends are moving in for the duration whilst their home is being extensively renovated.  That is a win/win for everyone.

Our jobs are on hold – well kind of.  Work colleagues are covering for us so we had  better remember to bring back some goodies for them.

All we need now is for the English weather to be in our favour – this is probably the biggest ask!!!

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