Montreal to Calgary – 30th September 2022

Our final blog.

One who shall remain nameless, spent the night in our bed, taking up the vast majority of it. For something so small, it has a huge footprint.

Following our great breakfast of Montreal Bagels, salmon, cottage cheese and capers, it was time for us to head out for a walk.

Two purposes of this walk was to shed the calories and tire out the four legged one.

Joannie and Simon live in the village of La Prairie which was established in 1845 but goes back to the early 1600 when French Jesuits occupied the area.

It is a very quaint village with a great deal of history and had a good community vibe about it.

They took us on a walk around the area which incorprated beautiful green areas and small lakes. Back to the guy’s apartment in time to shove everything into our bags for the last time and head out to the airport. Joannie and Simon kindly dropped us off and had to say a very sad goodbye to Toque who they have been looking after for the last six months. If we didn’t have these guys in our lives, there is no way that we would ever have been able to travel the way we have been over the last five years.

The monster was quite the hit at the airport and put lots of smiles on people’s faces and we would like to think also lightened their stress levels – as who is not stressed at an airport. Our flight back to Calgary took over four hours and thankfully Toque spent most of the time settled into her crate.

Our friend Sarah, who went for an unplanned swim in the Thames when she spent a week on the canal boat with us, picked us up from the airport which was so very much appreciated.

We have now settled back into the apartment and had the ceremonial “burning” of the clothes we have been living in for the last six months. It is nice to be back in our own bed and everything at hand.

We have spent the weekend filling up the pantry and fridge, working the washing machine to death and enjoying the area we live in. Autumn has arrived and we had forgotten how beautiful the area of Calgary where we live. We have been taking Toque for walks around familiar areas which she remembers and have started catching up with friends.

It was a great six months but near the end we were both getting weary and looking forward to heading home. We are pretty sure that there will not be any more long trips like this as logistically they are getting harder for us to do. This doesn’t mean that we won’t keep travelling though, so beware friends, we might come a knocking!!!

Farewell for now.

2 thoughts on “Montreal to Calgary – 30th September 2022

  1. Dear Diane & Fraser

    As you know, we followed your Blog every Day and today it’s time to thank you very much for sharing your adventures with us. We love the wonderful humour, the nice pictures and Videos and of course the pile of Informations about the areas you’ve been to.

    We hope to See you again asap somewhere on this Planet.

    Love from Wolfgang & Marlene


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