Sobering Day – 9th September 2022

We had made plans a long time ago to go on a train trip around southeast England in a Pullman carriage. We all struggled with going out and having a fun time when the country was in mourning. The atmosphere was somber when catching the tube into Victoria Station.

We noted there was no digital advertising occurring in the railway stations but there were signs recognising the death of the Queen.

MVI 0173 – YouTube

Our adventure started at Victoria Station where we were to meet a train made up of Pullman carriages that would take us on a 170-mile round trip around the southeast of England.

On our arrival at the reception center for the train, there was this trio singing the old songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. For their final act, they say God Save the King which everyone joined in on.

It was then all aboard for our adventure.

We were in the carriage called Lucille, which is a First class parlour car, 24 seats, built 1928 by Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd.

It was first class all the way.

The trip was a murder mystery where we had to focus on a Whodunit when really we wanted to concentrate on the food and surroundings.

Silver service with all the trimmings.

You could just imagine yourself on the Orient Express.

These were the actors who did the Murder Mystery. Of course we came nowhere close to solving it. We just wanted to concentrate on the lovely countryside and the delicious food.

We decided once we got back to Victoria Station at 4.30pm to catch the tube to Green Park and then walk to Buckingham Palace to pay our respects. On our arrival, we noted Prince Charles ensign up which denotes that he was at the castle.

We had obtained some flowers from our train trip as we knew we would not be able to find any to purchase on our way to the Palace.

The size of the crowds was mind boggling. We could not get that close to the gates so stood on the steps of the statue in front of Buckingham Palace. You can just make out the official notice that they placed on the railings on the announcement of the Queen’s death.

Whilst there, the gates opened and King Charles was driven out and up the Mall. Somehow, it is hard to get your head around King Charles. In our lifetime, there will only ever be kings from now on.

There were flowers along the front of the fence of the palace place around the bottom of the Lions on the center statue. We also saw a lot of flowers placed around the bottom of trees as we walked through Green Park to the Palace.

This was the view looking down the Mall.

People were not putting just small bougets of flowers down but substantial arrangements.

It was tough to read the condolence cards.

We are so pleased that we made the effort even though our feet were killing in our not very practical walking shoes. We imagine that with the weekend coming up that the crowds will be even larger.

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