Quintessentially London Activities – 7th September 2022

Amazingly we were awake at 8.00am after a very heavy sleep – wonder why. Our plans were to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum later this morning and then onto our further planned activities for the day.

Karen had organised for Di to go to the farriers to get her trotters repaired as they were in a shocking state. On her walk home with a coffee in hand, Di decided to meet the pavement face first. Besides her pride dented, she lost all her coffee and soaked herself. She was also walking down the poshest street in Southgate and a BMW and Merc stopped to help her – if you are going to make an ass of yourself, make sure you pick your location. No bones broken thankfully.

With this little incident we decided to curtail our trip to the museum and catch up with it at a later stage. That left two activites to do today.

At 3.00pm it was back on the tube into Mayfair where Karen had organised dinner for us.

We had not been to this area of London before and you just felt the place was dripping with money and very obviously foreign wealth. It was starting to rain and we had a half hour to fill in before going to the restaurant so dropped into the Mayfair Hotel for a drink. Very posh and way overpriced!!! It was only one drink and then out of there fast.

As you can see, it was a perfectly satisfactory choice for an evening meal. It promotes itself as serving the finest traditional fish and shellfish dishes alongside a variety of meat and seasonal game favourites in an atmosphere of urbane sophistication. That it was.

Event the coat tag was flashy.

We all had exquisite meals except maybe the lady behind it. Yeap, we were in the wrong place again. We think she had a reaction to the seafood and was finding it difficult to breath so an ambulance was called. So that now makes three incidences we have been around in as many days.

We then hightailed it over to Shaftsbury Lane to the Sir John Gielgud theatre where we had tickets to see “To Kill a Mocking Bird”. We all remember having to read the book at school but only Miles could recite the plot line as he had helped his son Ben with it during his time at high school.

The cast got a standing ovation which was very well deserved. We had had a brilliant evening and even though it was raining when we stepped outside the theatre it did not dampen our spirits.

The rest of the week is forecast for rain and though not the best for being a tourist, it is welcoming. This will bring Karen and Miles garden back into full bloom and hopefully we will be around to see it.

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